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Publicado el: 2 junio, 2018

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    7:07 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    What? They forgot the last brother, Javier. Who was caught in international waters by the USCG. And in 2013 after Eduardo was free'd from a US prison he threw himself a party in Cabo(Sinaloa's turf, formally AFO) when Sinaloa sent a hit man dressed as a clown and killed him. Still tho u can't leave out their sister, Enedina, who took over the business after her brothers and who is still in the run also her son is part of the too and it just keeps going deep in the family…Mexico's meaningful power surnames: Arrellano Felix, Caro Quintero, Carrillo Fuentes, Beltrán Leyva, Los Zambada y los Guzman

  2. Shawn Brad
    7:17 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    If the US had a death penalty for Drug Users specifically , we wouldn’t have to worry about drug dealers because there would be no market . Drug Users need to be executed , if you can’t live a normal life without drugs to have fun , you’re a degenerate , dumbass , waste of oxygen !!!!!!

  3. Daniel Hernandez
    8:07 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    Cartel = scum. They all need to die in a fire.

  4. Lerum Lae
    8:09 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    So what if the mexican and american military, im talking tanks, F15, Seal team 6 everything…just took over these areas… like 100 thousand troops from mexico and 100 from us… what would happen? Isolate the whole city, everything and everyone is searched at least 3 times daily

  5. Rey Salas
    8:39 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    2018 may 21 still the same shit this days

  6. Daniel Del Rio
    8:49 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    Watched up until 4:18 everything so far is bullshit and inaccurate. Camarena was killed because of the raid on rancho bufalo by the dea. He was working undercover and was caught. His death was blamed on Rafael Caro Quintero and Had nothing to do with the Arellano Félix brothers. This documentary is bullshit.

  7. Gerardo Lopez
    9:04 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    hell naw cyclone killed that foo

  8. Camilo Flores Moreno
    9:12 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    At the beginning is fake because the Arellano brothers was moving more marijuana

  9. The beginners world
    9:12 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    I want to be a part of Ramon

  10. nimmy yousaf
    9:36 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    clever gang

  11. Julio Cesar
    10:09 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    Viva México!

  12. Fay Kiname
    10:46 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    Legalise drugs, no more cartels.. Simple as that. No more disappearances, torture, beheadings, turf wars.. Billions of dollars won't be going across the border every year bringing power and wealth to psychopathic gang lords.. But then all the private investors in the prison industry would lose out so.. we can't have that

  13. energy man420kush!!!!!
    10:50 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    You can make clothes from carbon>:(

  14. Niko G
    11:41 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    Mecico is a joke state and CIA too invold in drugs too

  15. Scott Olson
    11:41 am on junio 2nd, 2018

    all gangs need to be wiped out. Trump should make it legal for public to have open season on all gangs. no more heroin and meth and no more gay gangs.

  16. ZN JOSH
    12:24 pm on junio 2nd, 2018

    Mi tio estaba en ese cartel

  17. Craig Hannan
    12:31 pm on junio 2nd, 2018

    I find all the comments of the people saying if it was legal this wouldn't happen rather amusing. Really, firstly the government would want controls on it, so likely a prescription from a doctor or through controlled outlets, that they can tax. Secondly, do you actually believe the cartels will just go, oh gee, its legal now, lets stop doing this, no, they will start a price war and flood the market with cheap drugs and start selling every other conceivable type of drug. Wake up and smell your own stupidity…

  18. Malachi Israel
    1:28 pm on junio 2nd, 2018

    if amerikka would stop using the merchandise from Mexico,maybe these cartels would go broke BUT wicked white people love drugs they love them to death immorality brings guilt and guilt brings substance abuse the formula for destruction,the so called white man flooded the so called African American Hispanic and Native American neighborhoods with cocaine and Heroin in the 70s&80s and they arrested millions of israelites because they all were criminals,but now amerikka,i.m sorry white amerikka is dying from drugs that were mostly given over the counter,they say you graduate from one drug to another drug,you smoke weed after awhile you start using cocaine,opioids are prescription drugs,given for pain white people started using them for pain or an injury but after awhile they were not as effective so they began mixing opioids with other drugs like fentenal cocaine, fentenal is very dangerous it can kill you even if you just touch it,by being obsorbed into the skin,you can overdose,the hypocritical thing is when it was in so called African American Hispanic and Native American neighborhoods it was criminals,BUT now it's white people mostly woman these people are not criminals they are sick and this is a medical emergency,the so called white man has always made excuses for his wicked race,now we see the beginning of the destruction of wicked white amerikka.and it's long overdue.

  19. Darren Pritchard
    1:30 pm on junio 2nd, 2018

    Last comment: Mexico doesn't have a drug problem America does.. Maybe.. But they source it and sell creating the whole problem.. Full fucking stop.. If you can't see the angles no more your in trouble..

  20. Michael McMullen
    2:20 pm on junio 2nd, 2018

    The war on drugs is just a distraction to keep the billion dollar pharmaceutical industries actions out of the headlines. The biggest dealers wear white coats and go to medical school for 8 years and they are rewarded for pushing drugs on Americans. All this bullshit is a drop in the bucket compared to legal drug sales