Documentales National Geographic Border Wars

Publicado el: 23 abril, 2018

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  1. Sam da Silva
    7:16 am on abril 23rd, 2018

    Heroes everyone of them…keep the trash out

  2. Hrh Fish
    8:13 am on abril 23rd, 2018

    That record bust did not even put a dent in the amount the cartels successfully smuggle over the border. In fact the cartels accept it as a loss. I've heard its a 1 lost for 10 that gets through.
    Why can't they put the kids in juvenile detention?

  3. ertyderty7
    9:27 am on abril 23rd, 2018

    LMAO! What is with border control and their apprehensiveness to use ATV's. They talk like it's a poisonous snake.

  4. don hezca
    9:38 am on abril 23rd, 2018

    %99 of border patrol agents are Mexicans no wonder why when labor is needed they just look the other way!

  5. Al Mcintosh
    9:52 am on abril 23rd, 2018

    what they call laying in is simler to sniping they lay and wait

  6. Giacomo Ferrario
    10:18 am on abril 23rd, 2018


  7. twaflyer1
    10:58 am on abril 23rd, 2018

    Border Agents… Just see the many people waiting to get into America legally! There are no "If's" & "But's" as the illegals want you to believe! They are basically criminals who "Mule-in" Drugs, or sneak in w/o care for our Laws!

  8. twaflyer1
    11:22 am on abril 23rd, 2018

    Personally, I have little to say about the illegals than we have enough here already! To allow 11 million in here is a crime in itself, but to allow more in just makes the legal immigration system look a sham of unenforceability! Remember everybody, People from Africa, Europe , Eastern Europe, etc., are waiting IN LINE patiently to come in this Country Legally! They have more right, due to their allegiance to our system, to come here, than the Criminal Illegal Mexicans!

  9. twaflyer1
    12:10 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    I saw some Border Agents spending time trying to appease Mexican criminals, than treat them as criminals! Many are let FREE, just to come back again with their loads of marijuana and Cocaine! Of course, most were Mexican American Agents who naturally have a bond with anything Mexican! But, not only should those agents confiscate the Illegal drugs, but punish the offenders, at least to some degree! But I saw much more compassion than sturdy justice taking place!

  10. Asusa Susa
    12:47 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    hey in the big scheme of things with the usa being the biggest drug consumer together with mexico as the biggest illegal immigrant/ drug supplier there surely has to be a silver lining somewhere in all that crap wall or no wall.
    plus one more tidbit, the Spanish and native mexican were in the usa long before anyone else besides the NA native. So why does it matter? Well, north america is in the mexicans blood: the call of a country they've known since the 1500s courses through their veins; and fast forward about 500 years later and guess what… they are still here. Ariba la Raza cabrones!

  11. beth98362 R
    1:15 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    Wow… call ICE!

  12. beth98362 R
    2:02 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    Wow… you F… up!
    Poor truck!

  13. Esther Hollister
    2:21 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    I find it pathetic how Americans chase immigrants!!!

  14. MsEnchntress
    2:50 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    Land mines would help solve this problem.

    3:37 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    fake panic attack hahaha loser

  16. Matthew Day
    4:16 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    why dont they come legaly

  17. marcoreyes700
    4:39 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    I want to become a boo but I got family assault in my record:/

  18. Flossy Allred-Abromowitz
    4:51 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    I made a nice, rotten smelling fart at 10:13. Smells like a dirty diaper.

  19. globe255
    5:47 pm on abril 23rd, 2018

    If the Mexicans wasn't that corruptive, they could build their own country to a democracy for all, so they don't have to flee to the U.S.