Documentales National Geographic Border Wars

Publicado el: 4 marzo, 2018

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  1. Chris L.
    5:56 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    of all the lives that were lost in battle that made America great, illegal activity and entry is a giant shit on their graves. totally unexceptable. if mexicans have a problem with their way of life its their responsibility to change it, not run from it.

  2. anthony wyma
    5:59 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    Mexico needs a revolution

  3. Claudia Arias
    6:30 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    Question why where the white couple on the lake… clearly wasn't a safe or savoury area to be at. ..sorry but can't say thi vs add up….

  4. Bandit
    7:12 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    so now that weed is legal in Colorado…are you still scared? Puto white right wing politics…fake news.

  5. Peyton Twombley
    7:21 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    Bring our troops home from over seas and deploy them on the US/Mexican border were the real war is. Let see the cartel take on the USMC. The voilence on the US/Mexican border is a nation security treat. Thank You to all our Border Agents patrolling the border.

  6. abdulla hussien
    7:43 am on marzo 4th, 2018


  7. John Doe
    7:48 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    Half truths. But the sheep will never know

  8. dia zap
    7:50 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    they broke the law. the law of the land, deserves respect

  9. Elver Galarga
    8:37 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    Checkout the video border patrol corruption

  10. Crusader Rabbit
    9:11 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    Bottom line there is going to be a reckoning.

  11. Hal Heywood
    9:37 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    shoot to kill no mercy . deport them all

  12. Hapu Hapupu
    10:04 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    E-verify is already in the law and it was being applied until Obama administration put a hold on it with an executive action.

    10:59 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    A paisas hijos de su puta madre

  14. Peter Dugan
    11:27 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    the wall is good, but we still need mass deportion.

  15. Lavinia Aguilar
    11:57 am on marzo 4th, 2018

    These guys come and go whenever they please and its been going on for years and our government has allowed it for the cash. The murders the extortion the death threats to the people of Los Angeles the farmers along the borders, and other cities and our police have come with it, so people like our govenor our senator our congressmen our mayors and councilmen better get there heads out of there asses and stop lining there pockets with taxpayers money, and start putting it towards plans to protecting us citizens!

  16. j lin
    12:26 pm on marzo 4th, 2018

    this all end over night just mine the border cuba look there it mined dont see this shit there 40 year to long time to act

  17. Suziq darlin
    1:22 pm on marzo 4th, 2018

    they have taken over Brownsville and other of our towns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Suziq darlin
    1:24 pm on marzo 4th, 2018

    CARTELS ARE IN CLORADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. John Mastrangel
    2:12 pm on marzo 4th, 2018

    You'd think with an invasion the US military would be deployed to end the attack on our border. The lack of concern securing the southern border by the Democrats implicates them in this tragic chapter of American history.