Documentales Indigenas De Puerto Rico

Publicado el: 15 septiembre, 2018

Que pena que los Españolos eliminaron casi por completo a esa bella civilizacion, para luego traer a otros del continente Africano.

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  1. Lizandro Paulino
    7:25 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Señores no se puede obviar ni mucho menos negar, Trujillo fué el padre de la soberanía Dominicana!

  2. Coco Palmeras
    8:19 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Muchos brutos.

  3. Set Apart
    8:21 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Estoy hacienda in projecto en la Republica Dominicana. Hay muchas gente en la isla complete con genes Tainos! Tambien en las Bahamas. Cuba etc

  4. Renzo Garcia
    8:53 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    The Cacique is asking for help…….YOU MUST READ THIS
    Honorable Mayor,
    With all respect, I humbly ask that you take the time from your important duties and obligations as Mayor of Amityville in the county of Suffolk in the empire state of New York in the country of the United States of America to read, investigate, analyze, judge and meditate under a prayerful heart what I will humbly request of you in this document of mutual communication as citizens of this great nation.
    You might not know me by name or title, I lived in the Village of Amityville in an adequate dwelling located in the corner of Oak and Lake in front of a beautiful park with a lake. You might have heard or known my family since we have been somewhat active in the community. My ex-wife Fanny Garcia has an educations degree and was a teacher in your school system for a while. My four sons, Renzo Andres, Ramon Antonio, Fabian Luis and Miguel Angel Garcia all studied proudly in the Amityville school system, participated in sports through your local clubs, worked in your local shops and businesses and attended our local Catholic church. I myself enjoy all this with my family and loved were I lived dearly. So what happened you might ask for me to be asking you for an urgent request now? Good question but if you do not already know let me first tell you a story about who I am…
    When every person is born we all are innocents, tender and in need of care; don't you agree? But, even though we are tiny, fragile and with soft skins, we all carry steal a great burden into life…The previous history of the life lived by our ancestors; is this right? We only know how great or small it is when we are told of it, but we are all born innocent of the previous acts of humanity. I was born on the 27th of February in the year of our Lord 1964 the day of the independence of the great land of my people Haiti Quisqueya, today known as Haiti/Dominican Republic, to a mother named Indiana and a father named Caonabo Garcia; the last silent Cacique of my land. At that time my mother Indiana was in New York City with a child in her belly was requested to return immediately to her land because the future Cacique needed to be born in the sacred land of his ancestors.
    You see honorable Mayor this fact I did not know at birth a fact that a neither asked or wanted but accepted as my fate in this the land of the living. When I was a child doing childish things I did not know history, family issues, secrets, death, agony, circumstances, responsibility, honor, loyalty, consequences….and must important who was an Indian….not to mention a Cacique and what that meant until I was trained by my elders from my birth until to the 12th of December of the year of or lord 1973 when for the first time in my life I left the country of my birth and stepped upon the land of the free in the city of New York in the empire state of United States. I did not question the fact that even though my father was the inspector of the system of education in my country I never attended public school but was personally trained…I thought that was normal but was not. I learned about our role as a family descendant of the Great Caciques of the Maya / Aztec Empire, I learned how we came to this land surrounded by waters, how we lived, our culture, our civilization, our beliefs and our struggles to survive. I learn how my people one day believe in and embraced a great wondering Cacique that appeared walking the lands because he was the perfect example to imitate, not just because of his words, but because of his actions, deeds, love, and miracles performed. I was told many, many times in many different ways how as he departed towards the East hovering on top of the waters after promising that one day he will return my people without hesitation or fear, full of love and passion, entered their ships and followed him into the unexplored waters after him. My people the Mayas discovered first Cuban (The land first touched) a short distance away, when into Jamaica ( Land of the Gods because it was so beautiful ) and settled in Haiti Quisquella ( Land of high mountain rest of the Great Cacique ) stayed, my beloved Island land that I Love. There we waited for his return…and…there we became TAINOS. It was hard for me been so young to understand, cope or comprehend what that descriptive word meant… best meaning is and what I understood after many years is….Godlike.
    As the time of my departure to safety in the Super Power of the time the United States of America drew near, even though I was not fully of age, I was told our cruel reality and the dangers of revealing our well-kept secret to the world. Why? DANGER OF DEATH. My ancestral Grandfather in 1492, when we supposedly were discovered, was Caonabo, my Grandmother was Anacaona together they were the Mayor Caciques of that time, Caonabo the Cacique who became CARIBE for the first time in our history. Caribe was a descriptive word that was very hard for me to understand even to this day…. my best meaning is and what I understood after many years is….The devil incarnated. It was told to me many times to calm my young spirit down from anguish when I used to hear them speak and describe the works and magnitude of selfless brutality this sound conveyed that they assured me that it is impossible to become Caribe voluntarily. To become one is only possible if the God of the Universe himself allows it for his glory. So, why did the godhead of his people become one?; When he realized that his hope of being able to finally see with his own eyes what his people were so anciently waiting for for so long was not true but a total lie. Engulfed in deep spiritual mourning over the fact that the person that he believed to be the Great Cacique of our past turned out to be a salvage. They came not to love but to rape, not to give but to take, not to heal but to kill. So he was turned CARIBE for the first time in his life. Then he proceeded to destroy their fort “La Navidad”, killed all but a few, took all their possessions and forced the saved ones under submission to teach us how to use and operate their foreign weapons and prepared for the return of the in basils. WAR was declared. It took trickery from the Spaniards to be able to submit, capture and then kill this great man. CAONABO After he was dead his wife continued with the struggle until she was tricked once again like her husband had been tricked into committing a larger mistake; remembering the Taino’s way of life, trusting and believing their intention for peace she was convinced to gather all the Caciques of the Islands to meet in a formal consul to negotiate peace amongst them; as the Caciques were seated and waiting inside the palace meeting hall and my Grandmother was outside inquiring why was taking so long to commence the meeting and talking to them, she witnessed with her own eyes how the soldiers of the enemy closed down the assembly and put it ablaze killing all inside it. Later as an example to her people she was hanged in the great plaza, cut into pieces and her bones and flesh were displayed all over the land. Our people fell under a dark cloud of an intense feeling of mourning, anguish, and hate and now we all became CARIBE against them. Fleeing for their lives, they mistakenly forgot about her young daughter, my ancestral Grandmother who was immediately protected and concealed. later she married my ancestral Grandfather known all over the world as Cacique Enriquillo.
    Tainos from birth, both of them became submissive to the new order and followed willingly the newly established laws and ordinances enforced by the new rulers. Knowing who they were in secret and what they represented to the people they submitted themselves to the point of becoming slaves under the new law of retribution and repartition established by Spain. Under their new master they followed instructions and obeyed faithfully and with joy were baptized with foreign names and they would have continued like this into death, but their master committed a grave mistake – He tried to commit the sin of rape. They ran away and in hiding, under the darkness of the night he was made CARIBE and felt, this awful taste and this intense pain in the heart for the first time in his life and because he was trapped with no way to go he submitted to the evil that he felt within and declared WAR again.. The war that he and his braves orchestrated lasted for another 20 years until the King of Spain himself was obliged to offer the first peace treaty of the new world to him under Enriquillo terms in order to stop the bloodshed of his Spaniards people. The treaty was honored for a few years until they killed him, The Cacique was buried in his sacred grounds in the area of the country were he specified under his terms in the treaty. Of course, his tomb became a place of pilgrimage for our people until they neglected their contract, abounded their words sealed and signed by their Kings, desecrated his tumb and built a Catholic church on top of his bones. They did not learn from the past and Spanish blood started to inundate the land again until they discovered the perfect weapon to submit our rage and destroy our race…the biological weapon of decease used to genocide our people all over the Americas.
    Now you know why the sea surrounding our Islands is not called today the Taino sea but it acquired the name of the Caribbean Sea because of all the years of suffering by millions of people from both sides of the conflict shedding their blood-fighting courageously for a just and Godly cause… to protect the lives and future of our people in the continents.
    When our people finally realized that in reality under the disguise of evil came to our land the Great Cacique that all along we all have been waiting for attached to wood posts poring his divine love to all the believers we received peace. …( cont. upon request at

  5. Katherine DelValle
    8:55 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Los dominicanos tienen un alto porcentaje de africa en su sangre. De tainos y españoles tienen muy poquito

  6. Jack Dm Paceci
    9:06 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Yo parezco taínos y soy Dominicano

  7. Martin Carhuas
    9:15 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    La música es la del alborada?

  8. Defensora de la Patria
    9:53 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Me gustó mucho la música.

  9. kiara vialez
    10:14 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Nada de lo que está en el museo es cultura dominicana esas son imágenes de otro país traída de otro países… aveces me pregunto será verdad la historia que me contaban mis abuelos sobre la siguapa será por eso que acabaron con todos los habitantes de esta isla porque mis abuelos trabajaban en conuco entre lomas y ellos llegaron a verlas hasta unos de mis tíos prefiero creer eso aque tengamos sangre indígenas

  10. kiara vialez
    10:27 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Donde están los indígenas como aun hay en México por dios no dejaron indios en republica dominicana los mataron ha todos y los que no mataron se los llevaron para otro país nos mataron nuestra historia lo único que dejaron fue los cuentos que los que invadieron nuestro país quisieron contar da pena y dolor que no podamos contarles ha nuestros hijos de nuestros antes pasados si es que tenemos sangre indígenas porque creo que no

  11. Jafet E. Varela
    11:04 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    No es la historia del hombre dominicano solamente, Tainos hubo en casi todas las antillas del caribe. En Puerto Rico hay grandes museos y hasta parques ceremoniales Tainos y mucjos otros yacimientos petrolíferos y arqueólogos que refleja la gran población de Tainos durante las "visitas" y conquistas españolas. Es la historia de toda una región, de todos nosotros, no sólo del hombre dominicano. La historia se debe contar bien y completa. Lindo museo.

  12. Bibiana GEROMIN
    11:50 am on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Es una propaganda del museo pero no habla de las características de la cultura de los tainos .

  13. Diana De La Cruz Ortiz
    12:01 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018


  14. Luis Sanchez
    12:27 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Yo soy taíno orgullo de mi raza

  15. Pey deas
    12:45 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Yo amo y amaré
    Mi Quisqueya como lo es, y como lo que siempre
    Hemos sido.
    Somos un pueblo alegre
    Somos un pueblo diverso
    Somos un pueblo unido
    Y somos un pueblo de respecto. Orgullosa de
    nuestra herencia en general.
    Más orgullo siento de haber nacido en ese suelo llamado la
    República Dominicana!

  16. Onix O
    12:53 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018

    That's right they are our brothers and our sisters…DR. PR. CUBA too. Tainos across the land from land to land and sea to sea…The first people.

  17. La Jeffa
    1:42 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018

    Rodolfo si loDominicano tenemos Taino la sangre indigenas core por nuestras venaz viva Rd viva nuestra tribu

  18. OMAR P.
    2:00 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018

    nuestro pueblo original, nuestra gente sin tener que desaprovechar los avances de la technologia de hoy en Dia. orgullo a nuestra raices, orgullo a nuestra hoy patria. dios!! patria y libertad! gracias por el video.

  19. Rodolfo Camparotti Camparotti
    2:57 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018

    en quisqueya hay genes tainos en azua y barahona supe qué hay puros y no,lo saben

  20. Rodolfo Camparotti Camparotti
    3:11 pm on septiembre 15th, 2018