Documentales Discovery Channel Pablo Escobar

Publicado el: 10 enero, 2018

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  1. Ronbo710
    5:44 am on enero 10th, 2018

    And every other ad on tv is for a drug in the U.S.A. lofl.

  2. Andrew Brown
    5:49 am on enero 10th, 2018

    Are we all gna bury our heads in the sand about the fact that Carlo from Sopranos is in this??

  3. coolmrbravo
    6:13 am on enero 10th, 2018

    What about the Nederlandsche cocaine fabriek (the dutch cocaine fabric)

  4. galapogosian
    6:43 am on enero 10th, 2018

    There’s a massive amount of utter BS in this doc. Some of the interviewees contradict their own statements in other documentaries.

  5. Harry Richardson
    6:53 am on enero 10th, 2018

    Killing pablo literally made no difference to how much coke is available, here in the uk you can get it within 5 minutes anywhere in the country

  6. Eugine Musakhi
    7:36 am on enero 10th, 2018

    I wish Pablo Escobar was a Kenyan. He would have run faster during the crossfire with 'em DEA

  7. Norcal
    8:26 am on enero 10th, 2018

    It's mind blowing when you think how the biggest gangster of all time was out on the news and in his country's house of parliament.

  8. Harry Richardson
    9:21 am on enero 10th, 2018

    I love cocaine

  9. Harry Richardson
    9:52 am on enero 10th, 2018

    This has to be one of the craziest stories there will ever be

  10. Charles Edwards
    10:23 am on enero 10th, 2018

    So was Escobar shoving cocaine up his nose everyday until the day he died?  Its interesting that his own personal drug use was never mentioned in this show.

  11. Axyy
    11:10 am on enero 10th, 2018

    More information can be found here:

  12. Gator Den
    11:16 am on enero 10th, 2018

    So many mental midgets posting here.

  13. Shakthi Aravind
    11:32 am on enero 10th, 2018

    47:18 you can see Pablo Escobar walking.

  14. 2serveand2protect
    12:27 pm on enero 10th, 2018

    Wait a second! ARTHUR VALERO and ARTHUR NASCARELLA – the guy who played Carlo Gervasi in the "Sopranos" are the same person?? 😀

  15. aubrey Aubrey
    1:20 pm on enero 10th, 2018

    Only roaches would believe this rhetoric

  16. aubrey Aubrey
    2:15 pm on enero 10th, 2018

    Pablo Escobar was a hero! The USA couldn’t control him that’s why they got involved bc they wanted to control and gather all the money. If your not part of the elite, (like most of the world leaders under one boss), and make it in life while managing to be one of the top 5 richest people, they will come after you. Pablo gave to the poor he was Columbia’s welfare he built schools, hospitals, parks, etc…. the media exaggerated the truth, the USA worked with other controllable cartels to capture him, even the pesos. That’s equivalent to releasing Isis on the streets of America! Funny because now the cia is the biggest cartel known to the world, Escobar was the only hope to stop the USA corruption in Columbia. Sadly, he couldn’t beat the world. Pablo Escobar your amazing and I wish you could have won!

  17. yayamusicproduction
    4:00 pm on enero 10th, 2018
  18. Xavier Zink
    4:46 pm on enero 10th, 2018

    low key the goat