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Publicado el: 1 marzo, 2018

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  1. Crucem Sanctam Subiit Alleluia
    5:24 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    The devil using abortion to poison you with racist BS.

  2. John Citizen
    5:58 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    This is genocide!

  3. 2000piotr
    6:48 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    This video ought to be shown in each school . Thank you very much for it.

  4. 2000piotr
    6:54 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    Planned Parenthood deserve worldwide trial and punishment for killing more than milliard of innocent unborn children. This organization is real DEVIL's organization with huge profit and eugenic profile. Ought to be recognized as an dangerous, criminal and anti-human being. Ought to be treated like NAZI socialist party and communist party.

  5. Mrius86
    7:18 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    Fucking horrifying!

  6. Matt Moore Ceaser
    7:37 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    We know one thing for sure, Man's intellect must disappear the same time one rises his/her hand to take the Oath of Office.

  7. Pragmatism Pugilism
    8:07 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    Is there a right to self-defense??
    Should it be legal to kill a person in your house who poses you harm?
    Does changing the word "house" to the word "womb" make it something that should be illegal?

  8. Yasmin Membreno
    8:40 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    Wow I had no idea it was this bad , every eye opening

  9. Studio Solutions
    9:10 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    Was this your documentary to be able to upload to YouTube?

  10. Marcus Maximus
    9:39 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    my aunt had aborted 13 times, my uncle has pushed her into the corner every single time she said she was pregnant and she just basically accepted it, she says she had no idea that she was murdering someone even though she felt something weird right after the procedure .
    Nowadays she blames herself for that and she has some sort of nightmares involving kids too often, once she said she was surrounded by those 13 kids and they were all singing some nursery rhyme. It turns out that she says she can't live with herself today even though she's 70 she can't get through a single day without think of that.

  11. Sidra Khan
    9:47 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    i am pro abortion, abortion is okay.

  12. TheBatman0405
    9:57 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    As a Catholic, the need for this video to be made, is so heartbreaking. It is so sad that as humans, we were smart enough to invent the Internet, and we cannot tell what a baby is. I cannot believe that a government that is supposed to protect the life and liberty of EVERYONE! This is the governments fault. I cannot even anymore…

  13. Jackie Bugdale
    10:04 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    Many of us who were irresponsible and immature deeply regret the abortions that we have had. If only we had not been told lies and manipulated into doing the worst thing you could do to another human being. I am old now and deeply regret my actions.

  14. Michael Butler
    10:55 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    thanks for posting

  15. Kathy Ray
    11:13 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    biology 101
    life begins at conception!

  16. Mark Pettigrew
    11:36 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    The best version of this video can be found under the name, "Abortion Documentary 2016: Right Choice or Murder". It's pretty much the same video, I believe, but the editing is a little better.

  17. John Ammons
    11:48 am on marzo 1st, 2018

    More antiabortion bullshit.

  18. griffgriff78
    12:33 pm on marzo 1st, 2018

    An incredible documentary. Very moving. Should be shown in every school. Alas, it won't be.

  19. Powerranger6342
    12:43 pm on marzo 1st, 2018

    It is even more appropriate considering that PP was recently caught body parts for profit.

  20. Powerranger6342
    1:16 pm on marzo 1st, 2018

    I'm glad this is back on YouTube.