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Publicado el: 7 junio, 2014

Documental completo disponible en español e inglés. Nos adentramos en la selva virgen más extensa e intacta del mundo en busca de la tribu Sánema, un grupo n…

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  1. DumbDuck44
    12:22 am on junio 7th, 2014

    40:34 While Western civilization is working on perfecting space travel to
    mars, this tribe is developing a very course early form of bark toilet
    paper. Impressive. 

  2. fullflavor5
    12:33 am on junio 7th, 2014

    damn they could hold ten cans of Skoal in their lip.

  3. prapada precharux
    1:26 am on junio 7th, 2014…

  4. El Duderino
    2:07 am on junio 7th, 2014

    They probably smell wonderful

  5. Mike like Ike
    2:13 am on junio 7th, 2014

    Man if I was a teenage boy over there, I would walk around with a hard on
    all day long. LOL

  6. zindagi omed
    3:01 am on junio 7th, 2014

    Look beyond nudity and comparison to what we call a normal human life, they
    are far more happier than us all… no greed, not hatred, just unity and a
    beautiful way of life !

  7. Cesar Rodriguez Arteaga
    3:50 am on junio 7th, 2014

    Bonito cesar de españ

  8. Colonel FZ
    4:05 am on junio 7th, 2014

    Wont be long before we see wat they were sniffing as an illegal drug here
    in the us. 

  9. wu ryan
    4:13 am on junio 7th, 2014

    Their hair is beautiful! 

  10. TruthOverFear
    4:35 am on junio 7th, 2014

    Their bodies are not inmune to our illnesses, if u go there and kis one of
    them all of them would die

  11. incas94
    4:48 am on junio 7th, 2014

    I came for boobies not gonna lie…

  12. Carlos Alberto Castillo Oporta
    5:26 am on junio 7th, 2014

    LSD de la selva ;)

  13. David Soto
    6:03 am on junio 7th, 2014

    Those are some great new york boobs. 

  14. albert sneij
    7:02 am on junio 7th, 2014

    how can I visit

  15. Charles Almon
    7:09 am on junio 7th, 2014

    I suspect the red cloths the men were wearing were supplied by the film
    to cover the hoos hoos so the film could be distributed more widely

  16. Kyle Maxwell
    8:06 am on junio 7th, 2014

    I think the comments on this video clearly demonstrates the different types
    of opinions people can have on living in such a state.
    The majority of people seem to appreciate this lifestyle and act in some
    way or other as if it is (?morally?) superior to the one in which we live
    in modern society.

    Personally, coming from how I have lived thus far, I would hate to live
    like this. (Please note I am not saying that other people’s opinions are
    But to me, I feel like life would be too empty. Sure there are the daily
    tasks necessary to survival and there’d be “closeness” to nature, but it
    seems to me like life would be shrouded in mystery and superstition. I
    could not live that way. I like knowing and discovering. I like their being
    an order to the chaos. What if my wife died of some common, preventable
    disease, and I spent my entire life thinking it was for some evil deed, or
    a token, or whatever superstition that the wind carried that day?

    In modern society, we can place onto a metallic disc, a layer of acid only
    atoms thick! We not only know what stars are, we can measure their light
    and surmise their age! We can measure discrepancies in time itself!
    I could not sacrifice that just to be close to nature, or to not have the
    stress of worrying about taxes, etc.
    Just my humble opinion

  17. David Pope
    8:18 am on junio 7th, 2014

    We follow corrupt leaders everywhere, worldwide. People have no clue as to
    the evil nature behind the goals of the devils funding elections. Every
    leader is corrupt, if they weren’t then they would never get selected. If
    they have integrity and good intentions, the media fucks them over and they
    lose way before you ever get to know them as a person. I can say with
    certainty beyond a shadow of a doubt that our leaders work hand in hand
    with the elite funders, and they work together in full awareness of what
    hey do. 9/11 was known by Bush. The housing crash that scared America
    into letting the bankers get a full refund of $7 trillion while keeping
    ownership of the properties was a scheme from the start. Obama’s
    healthcare website was made to fail on purpose so that the clueless
    population would form a subconscious reassurance that our leaders can’t get
    They are much more capable than you can imagine. Have faith in these
    truths. If everyone can somehow realize this on our own, without the media
    pointing it out for us, then maybe someday things will be different. I’m
    afraid people are not smart enough to grasp the reality that they are
    living in. Check yourself, for your kids’ and grandkids’ sake.

  18. jose gonzalez
    9:03 am on junio 7th, 2014

    la montagne

  19. Mai Maitho
    9:34 am on junio 7th, 2014

    What did they eat, all with fat bellies!

  20. Dess Tran
    10:14 am on junio 7th, 2014

    How the hell do you live like this.

  21. Guns&Roses
    10:57 am on junio 7th, 2014

    21.00 they got cocaine too

  22. Dada Mkenya
    11:01 am on junio 7th, 2014

    This is beautiful how do they make fire? Amazing! Great! untouched, un

  23. Robert Serna
    11:39 am on junio 7th, 2014


  24. Juan Carlos
    12:28 pm on junio 7th, 2014

    i want some of the s***t 21:20…

  25. Marivic Pineda-Maderazo
    1:22 pm on junio 7th, 2014

    amazing… including the part where they eat hair lice 

  26. Karen
    6:17 pm on julio 14th, 2014

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